Biking Gear

Bikers don’t need a lot of equipment to get around but here are a few items I use regularly.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove
As soon as I started wearing these instead of my old worn out gloves my hands started to feel better. No more numbness.

Kool Stop MTN Mountain Bicycle Brake Pads
I’ve been using these for years and I love ’em. Especially now that I finally learned how to install them properly.

GoPro HD Hero 960 #1 safety item. The new GoPros are improved so you may want that. However, this one still does the trick.

K-Edge Go-Big Handlebar Mount
To mount the GoPro camera on my handlebars I’m using this mount instead of the plastic one that GoPro sells.

Topeak Joe Blow Max Hp Floor Pump
Gotta keep air in the tires. This pump replaced one I had for years and it is a night and day improvement. This pump is fast, ergonomically designed and sturdy.

Levis Commuter Jeans
Update: These jeans are the first ones I’ve enjoyed wearing on a bike. They are reinforced, have a bike lock pocket, include weather resistant properties and reflective stripes. Plus, long legged cyclists look good in these when you’re done biking. This time of year they can be hot so you might go with the new(er) Levis Commuter 511 Shorts.


One thought on “Biking Gear

  1. You forgot cute skinny jeans w special bike lock pocket. Practical for the cycling commuter and yet perfect for looking annoyingly hipster with long lean legs upon arrival.

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