Biking on Trash Day Stinks

It literally stinks to ride on trash pickup day. My morning commute coincides with the trash trucks’ rounds and entire neighborhoods fill with the stench. It can be even worse when you cycle directly behind a truck.

The more persistent problem about trash/recycle days involves the new contraflow bike lane on R Street between 2nd & 3rd NE. The trash bins are left in the bike lane and leave a narrow path for cyclists that is essentially the dooring zone. The trash bins should be on the grass not in the travel lane.

This video shows how ugly it is to ride behind a trash truck and what the bike lane looks like on trash/recycling pickup days.

2 thoughts on “Biking on Trash Day Stinks

  1. I’ve taken my bike to Australia twice, New Zealand four times; most recently six and a half months. I don’t know how to drive. That stated, we have ab-so-lute-ly no right to the streets as we don’t pay to upkeep ’em (no gasoline taxes) nor should we help ourselves to the sidewalks. Evidently expensive bikes and spiffy equipment encourage riders to try and beat yesterday’s commute and that’s why you so frequently tangle with motor traffic. Go softly, so you may hear the voice of the gods.

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