Road Condition of Mount Rainier’s Bunker Hill Road

Any cyclists and drivers who have been on Bunker Hill Road in the past years have suffered through the constant poor road conditions on Bunker Hill Road in Mount Rainier, Maryland. It seems to have gotten even worse after recent work done by the water utility. This video below is a no-frills (sorry — dull) look at the road condition today.

By far it is the worst road surface on my 6 mile commute to work in the city. Not being a civil engineer I’m wondering why does the utility work leave the road with so many potholes and uneven ground?¬†Why it is left in such an awful condition?

3 thoughts on “Road Condition of Mount Rainier’s Bunker Hill Road

  1. One single road in “poor road conditions”! That’s not too bad. Don’t ever bring your bike to Montreal, you’ll freak out !I was in D.C. for the first time a couple weeks ago and I just wanna make sure you realize how ridiculously lucky you guys are down there ! The quality of the street you show on your video is average in Montreal ! On some streets you litterally have to keep your eyes down to make sure you avoid the deep potholes.

    1. I didn’t say it was the only road in poor condition, just that it was the worst. Thankfully the gas and water work is almost done and the crews have resurfaced the roadway. You’re right however that the roads tend to be good here in DC but that’s a testament to how much work goes into them. They have even an app to track all of them!

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