Buzzed by a Driver Not Following the Three Foot Passing Law

We have a three foot passing law in Washington, DC and in Maryland meaning drivers need to give bikers at least 3 feet of pure buffer space when passing. Too bad not everyone follows this public safety oriented law.

I recorded this buzzing near the strange intersection where Rhode Island Ave meets 7th and R ¬†streets. The traffic going west on R was partially blocking the southbound traffic on Rhode Island. I continued past the stopped cars and since the light was red, decided to continue up to the front of the line of cars instead of hanging back with the gridlock. ¬†That wasn’t such a good idea because as soon as I neared the front of the line the light changed and the drivers began to go.

I didn’t have a good chance to “take the lane” and partly because of that the driver of the Toyota Camry (MD licence plate GWR358) decides to give me a buzz rather than waiting for a clear 3 feet of passing space. If you watch closely you’ll see her pass me at the beginning of the video when she’s in the lane next to me (thank you). By the end she’s … well go ahead and see for yourself:

Music:”Valiha Trance” by 7thHeaven // 2010 – Licensed under Creative Commons

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