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Wanted: a Digital Piano for the Apartment

digital piano

I learned in December that I still love playing the piano.   I hadn’t played in years but the many feet of snow outside inspired me to sit in the warm basement and remember how to play.  Since then I’ve been thinking more about it and recently a few piano playing friends pointed me in this direction for buying a digital piano:

  • Pianos need all 88 keys.
  • Pianos need to make beautiful music and must handle 32 notes polyphony.
  • Pianos need weighted keys.

I’ve started to narrow my search for the brands and models that I want to try.  If you have any extra digital pianos around the house you no longer play or if you have recommendations (and I know family members and friends who play are reading this) please let me know.

Chopin Announces Your Call But I Had No Idea

I have a custom ring tone setup on my cell phone when my bride Amanda calls (all the rest of you get the sound of an old phone ringing). Yesterday at work I heard her calling but the phone was in the cabinet so I turned down the radio and got up to grab the phone. And suddenly she hung up on me. I sat down and turned up the speakers again and there was her ring again. What was going on? The computer can’t receive calls so it had to be that the music playing was same song as the ring tone.

The song that was playing at the time was Chopin’s Étude No. 5 in G-Flat Major “Black Keys. All I knew about the ring tone was that it was the only pleasing music that would suit a call from Amanda and that it was named melody07.mid.

Think I am going crazy and hearing things? You be the judge. Continue reading Chopin Announces Your Call But I Had No Idea

A Night of Modern Dance: LEVYdance

LEVYdance performs
Tonight I saw LEVYdance perform at Dance Place and it was a great experience. The above photo is from “if this small space” where Scott Marlowe danced inside of a ~8 foot rectangle of light (there are more excerpts of it on the front page of the LEVYdance web site). The most impressive performance of the evening was the DC premier of “Bone lines” which is apparently about choreographer Benjamin Levy family life. The Washington Post says:

“Bone lines,” a 24-minute work for his youthful troupe, LEVYdance, doesn’t delve deeply into the drama of his family’s flight, but it does investigate cultural transmission: what gets passed on and what gets lost amid everyday life. There’s something about the work’s tender and knotty partnering, the spare walking, the shadowy relationships that suggests a shared sense of loss.

I went with the fellow dance-challenged Colin along with dancers Amanda and Kim. Thanks to the newlywed couple for their delicious dinner and night on the town!

If you missed the performance, read the preview at the Washington Post called A Dance of Culture and Compromise.

Art Inspired by Spam Email

hunter happy lifehunter watch
I was checking out the latest bargain art at 20×200 and found this awesome geeky art by Linzie Hunter. The typography is so creative and fun to look at. The geek part is that this series is based on subject lines of spam email she receives. How cool would it be to visit the IS/IT department at work and see some art based on spam?! Here’s how she puts it:

Don’t Put Off Your Happy Life is part of an ongoing series of typographic works based on and inspired by the subject lines of spam emails arriving to my computer. Removed from their original context these nonsense and nuisance messages are recycled into amusing, entertaining and sometimes inspirational meditations for modern life.

Check out more of her work at the Thumbtack Press web site.

What is your inspiration to create? The next inspiration may be from that place you never look.

[Linzie Hunter on Thumbtack Press via “Boundless” on 20×200]