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Get Good Prices on Holiday Travel

Buy Now Travel on FarecastWith jet fuel prices as high as they are, shopping for airplane tickets to visit the Melancon family this winter has been frustrating.  Since we started looking in October the prices have been out of reach and I was wondering if I could ever afford the trip.  Finally, this weekend the prices dropped and we made a purchase today.   I was tracking prices with Farecast and as you can see from the fare history chart, now is a perfect time to buy!

We’re looking forward to seeing family and friends in December! 

Wake Up On Time with Wakerupper

Today is the first day of the 19 day Fast in the Baha’i calendar. Baha’is abstain from food and drink when the sun is up so it is important that I wake up earlier than usual to have a good meal. Waking up is rarely easy since I’m such a happy sleeper so I need all of the help I can get. Enter: a free web based telephone calling service called Wakerupper to help me stop slumbering.

wake up logo

Wired magazine wrote about Wakerupper back in November and I immediately tried it but it was not fully available then except for beta testers. Without an account all you can do is schedule a single call. My single reminder calls worked well but the real beauty of a service to call a phone number is to schedule multiple calls on a schedule.

Wakerupper is basically a service that calls a telephone exactly when you want with the message of your choosing. According to the company:

“Wakerupper is an experimental service that aims to make telephone alerting as easy and inexpensive as possible. In one easy step, on one simple web page, Wakerupper enables users in the United States and Canada to schedule telephone reminder calls.”

Today I got an email inviting me to be a beta tester for the servce (yay, right on time!) and it is working great. Details on how it works are below. Continue reading Wake Up On Time with Wakerupper

Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

An interactive 360 degree photographic experience makes a huge difference when you’re trying to find a wedding location. I wish more venues had this kind of feature on web sites. Since they do not, I am happy to share with you this interactive 360+ degree image of the Lodge at Seneca Creek.

Update: this is not where we decided to have the wedding but it is one of many places we investigated. Continue reading Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

How to: Add a Event to your Calendar with just a Phone Call to Jott

How often do you find out about an event that needs to be on the calendar but you are far from your organizer? Since you know I love tools that keep me productive I want to show you this new way to get things on your calendar by talking it into your phone. It works with a free service called Jott and the free Google Calendar. Here’s what Jott has to say about it:

Why is this cool? Because you can now create a Google Calendar event in a single step, from anywhere, simply using your voice. Just call Jott, say “Google Calendar”, and then the time of the event and what it’s about….and you’re done. We’ll take your voice, convert it to text, and insert it into your calendar for you.

I tested this myself and this video shows how it went:
Jott to Calendar

[Jott and Google Calendar]

How to Forget Credit Cards and Save Money

Paypal LogoGoogle Checkout LogoDiamonds from Blue Nile

Jewelery shops have been on my mind recently and I’m happy to see a way to save some money when I make my purchases. According to the New York Times yesterday, Jewelery retailers are looking for ways to reduce costs and one of those ways is to have people use methods of payment besides credit and debit cards. Goodbye Visa, hello Paypal and Google Checkout!

Starting Nov. 26, customers who buy with PayPal will save 20 percent on their purchases, with a maximum discount of $50.

I’m going to try it since it is just as convenient for me to pay with PayPal as it is to use my debit card. It’s a win-win situation for the retailer and for me! Let me know in the comments if you have other tips for saving money using the web and new banking technology.

[Retailers Explore New Ways of Being Paid]