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The Daily Show Full Episodes Available Free on

I don’t subscribe to cable television so I haven’t been able to watch The Daily Show in a long time at 11 pm. This all changed today … now I can watch full length high resolution episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on at any time I want. This is great news partly because freeing television from the broadcast schedule will make it easier for fans to watch the shows on their schedule and also because I just ordered a cable that will connect my computer to the television.  This cable will bring whatever is showing on my notebook computer to the television and therefore bring the internet shows out of the office and into the living room.

Here’s last night’s Daily Show.


Goodbye Yahoo Music

I’ve enjoyed the Yahoo! Music Unlimited service for more than two years and today’s news about the transfer of the subscribers to Rhapsody isn’t a surprise after all that has been happening in the world of digital music.

Digital rights management (DRM) is one of the downsides of subscription services because the tracks can’t go on a portable mp3 player unless you pay more per month and then the tracks only work on certain players. You can get around that by purchasing tracks and albums and burning to CD and then rippping the tracks to your computer and then after all of that you can add them DRM-free to your favorite mp3 player. Annoying!

The problem with DRM is hinted at in this question & answer from Yahoo! regarding the migration of the subscribers to Rhapsody (emphasis mine):

I purchased tracks and albums through Yahoo! Music Unlimited. Can I play them in Rhapsody?

Yahoo!-purchased tracks can be imported into and played on Rhapsody. Instructions on how to import tracks after you’ve migrated will be available soon. We strongly recommend you back up your purchased tracks to CDs in the event that they do not play successfully using Rhapsody’s Music Software.

This is exactly why I bought zero tracks from Yahoo! in these two years. I didn’t want to lose them when the software stopped working or the company was sold. Looks like playing it safe worked this time.

Are you going to switch to Rhapsody or take your business elsewhere? Do you have a better way to fill your life with music? (I’m keeping my eye on and their upcoming subscription service.)

Persepolis: See it and Avoid the Front of the Theater so the Subtitles are Legible.

Friday night came quickly this week with the full schedule at work and at school so it was a rewarding break to visit the independent movie theater in Bethesda, Maryland tonight. Lena arranged a night of Persian food followed by Persepolis, a movie about a young girl’s experience during the Islamic Revolution.

It’s late and I need to get sleep so let me get straight to the point. The movie is well done with inventive and engaging animation. The adaptation from graphic novel to movie is a success and the texture added with music, sound and motion bring the story alive. I have never learned so much about the Islamic Revolution in Iran and now I want to know more.

So yes, the movie is worth your time. If you have the inclination, do it. But go early because otherwise you’ll be stuck in the only available seat… the far edge of the front row.

Having just read The 33 Things That Make Us Crazy in the latest Wired magazine I must add my own item to the list: Movie theater seating. So let me get this straight: I get to pay more than ten dollars to sit in the front row, far right side of a subtitled movie and the only way I can see is by slouching down far enough so that I can see the screen. After 20 minutes my legs are going numb and my neck is getting sore. I look over at Amanda and I can tell this isn’t her idea of a great movie experience either.

How about if the seating at the theater were priced like it is at the theater… movie goers could buy a specific seat and the theater could vary the charge depending on the desirability of the seat. Why would theaters have different pricing? Because my living room is the competition and I always get a comfortable seat at home.

A Night of Modern Dance: LEVYdance

LEVYdance performs
Tonight I saw LEVYdance perform at Dance Place and it was a great experience. The above photo is from “if this small space” where Scott Marlowe danced inside of a ~8 foot rectangle of light (there are more excerpts of it on the front page of the LEVYdance web site). The most impressive performance of the evening was the DC premier of “Bone lines” which is apparently about choreographer Benjamin Levy family life. The Washington Post says:

“Bone lines,” a 24-minute work for his youthful troupe, LEVYdance, doesn’t delve deeply into the drama of his family’s flight, but it does investigate cultural transmission: what gets passed on and what gets lost amid everyday life. There’s something about the work’s tender and knotty partnering, the spare walking, the shadowy relationships that suggests a shared sense of loss.

I went with the fellow dance-challenged Colin along with dancers Amanda and Kim. Thanks to the newlywed couple for their delicious dinner and night on the town!

If you missed the performance, read the preview at the Washington Post called A Dance of Culture and Compromise.

New Yahoo! Music: Listen from the Web

The new Yahoo! Music has an great new function that allows you to listen from the web site to any of the 2 million+ tracks in their collection as long as the music is in a playlist. To enjoy this unlimited music on the web install the Firefox plugin on your PC. Here’s what Yahoo! says about the beta version of the plugin:

If you have a subscription to Yahoo! Music Unlimited and want to listen to your tracks in Firefox using the Yahoo! Media Player, you need to install this plug-in. It currently works with Yahoo! Music web playlists, but full-length playback may not be available on other pages of Yahoo! Music at present.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots:
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Listen to Music Heard on iPod Ads

Music of the iPod Ads

I don’t own an iPod but I do love discovering new music. If you love music and have enjoyed some of the songs featured on iPod ads you’re going to appreciate my playlist of songs featured in iPod and iPhone commercials.

Apple’s iPod Commercials Music, a playlist on Yahoo Music Jukebox

You don’t need an iPod to enjoy these songs. You can listen to 30-second samples from the web site or if you are a subscriber to Yahoo Music Jukebox you can listen to the full versions in near CD quality.

Don’t worry, I’m not keeping track of every song on every ad — that’s what Wikipedia is for. What I did do was take the list of tracks and make them easy to listen to.

Kaitlin & Rick, A Favorite SNL Skit

Amanda first showed me the Kaitlin & Rick sketch on Saturday Night Live and now I love watching it. If you haven’t watched before Kaitlin is a socially awkward hyperactive pre-teen who lives with her step father Rick. It’s a normal premise that keeps the laughs coming. Look for when Horatio Sanz starts laughing. Check out some highlights now before NBC takes them off YouTube.

YouTube Preview Image
May 1, 2004: host Lindsay Lohan

YouTube Preview Image
April 16, 2005: host Tom Brady

YouTube Preview Image
October 8, 2005: host Jon Heder

May 6, 2006: host Tom Hanks (thanks, Amanda!)

YouTube Preview Image
Kaitlin Goes to the Nursing Home