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Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

An interactive 360 degree photographic experience makes a huge difference when you’re trying to find a wedding location. I wish more venues had this kind of feature on web sites. Since they do not, I am happy to share with you this interactive 360+ degree image of the Lodge at Seneca Creek.

Update: this is not where we decided to have the wedding but it is one of many places we investigated. Continue reading Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

29 Years Ago in National Geographic a Gorilla gets the Cover and Amanda is Born

NGM_Oct1979In the basement of the National Geographic Society we keep a couple of large carts containing old issues of magazines. The issues there are random discards and are often a mix of English versions of NGM with local language editions from countries all over the world. I found there recently the October 1978 issue and I gave it to Amanda because it commemorates the month and year of her birth (hint hint, her birthday is coming up).

The cover itself is a photograph by Koko — it is a self portrait. If you look closely you can see the text is reversed because of the mirror.

What was amazing about it was that Amanda remembered the cover and the story from her childhood. I didn’t have a clue about Koko so that must show what a great memory Amanda has and how interested she was in National Geographic magazine as a child. How can I ever keep up? :)

This October cover of National Geographic magazine won an award from the American Society of Magazine Editors for being one of the top 40 magazine covers in the last 40 years. Here is an excerpt from the explanation of the win:

#37 (tie) National Geographic (October 1978)
This cover of National Geographic magazine is entitled “Conversations with a Gorilla,” with Koko the gorilla snapping a photograph of her reflection in the mirror. The photo was of such high quality and significance that it was chosen to be the cover photo for the October 1978 National Geographic article featuring Koko.

Just because a gorilla made the cover of the magazine doesn’t mean you’re good enough yet to work for the Geographic. Koko seems to have a better handle on composition than a lot of people!

[ASME Unveils Top 40 Magazine Coversscroll to the bottom of this page to see the Koko cover]

I Model on the Side, Remember That

remember this

Pick up a copy of the November issue of National Geographic magazine and turn to the How to Help page “Memory Boosters” for tips on ways to keep your memory going strong.

Techniques include:

Reduce Stress New research supports the long-held belief that distress and anxiety are bad for the brain.

Keep the Body Healthyour brain will likely benefit, too, from a healthy diet (antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries may protect brain cells, aiding memory), regular exercise, and possibly light use of alcohol (a new study indicates a daily glass might slow dementia)

Stay RestedData suggest a good night’s sleep improves motor memory up to 30 percent after a lesson (e.g., piano).

You probably already know about those ways to keep your memory going. What you probably do not know is who belongs to the hand in the photograph.

I am here to give you the answer and you’d better remember the answer. It’s me!

Memory Boosters // photo by Becky Hale, NGS Staff

Finding Stolen Bikes with Craigslist

Someone’s black Cannondale road bike was stolen a few blocks from my home on Friday morning. I hope the post on Craigslist will help people in the neighborhood track down the robbers and the bike.

dear fellow biker. On my way to work I saw 2 Latino men one with a camaflouge base ball cap and “W” on it and his friend in a Magna bike cut the cable of your lock and steal your bike. I asked them is that your bike and yelled at them for stealing your bike. Unfortunately they road off with The black cannondale road bike with white lettering. I followed the guys down Euclid but they threatened me so I found a cop on Columbia Rd parked who headed in their direction. I am sorry you lost your bike, and wish could done more. Maybe the cops got them, you should check. Stolen 8/31/07 about 7:15am.

This comes a day after Jeff told me his bike was stolen and he never recorded the serial number — something the police needed to make an official report and I assume to track down the bike. I’m going to photograph my serial number right now store it in a secure location online.

[I witnessed your CANNONDALE ROAD BIKE get stolen this morning, photo by Sarah.]

Bad Color Correction in New York Times

I saw this horrible example of color corrections this morning in the New York Times. Her hand is a completely different color than the rest of her arm and her face has splotches that indicate poor dodging and burning. Unless Lindsay Pears has some serious skin problems I’d say that there is a need for some quality control in the photo office.

Junk Food and Color

Since this is the web I hope they update their photo. In case they do, here’s how it looked this morning:

NYTimes Junk

Here is a link to the full size image:

Junk Food 600px

The School Cafeteria, on a Diet