Chopin Announces Your Call But I Had No Idea

I have a custom ring tone setup on my cell phone when my bride Amanda calls (all the rest of you get the sound of an old phone ringing). Yesterday at work I heard her calling but the phone was in the cabinet so I turned down the radio and got up to grab the phone. And suddenly she hung up on me. I sat down and turned up the speakers again and there was her ring again. What was going on? The computer can’t receive calls so it had to be that the music playing was same song as the ring tone.

The song that was playing at the time was Chopin’s √Čtude No. 5 in G-Flat Major “Black Keys. All I knew about the ring tone was that it was the only pleasing music that would suit a call from Amanda and that it was named melody07.mid.

Think I am going crazy and hearing things? You be the judge.

Here is the ringtone:And here is the piece composed by Chopin and performed by Murray Perahia:

Too similar to be a coincidence? Call in your vote in the comments. Whether it is the same song or not, I’m just amazed my cell phone has such good taste in music.I’m off now to shop for a digital piano so I can start playing again…

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