Finding Stolen Bikes with Craigslist

Someone’s black Cannondale road bike was stolen a few blocks from my home on Friday morning. I hope the post on Craigslist will help people in the neighborhood track down the robbers and the bike.

dear fellow biker. On my way to work I saw 2 Latino men one with a camaflouge base ball cap and “W” on it and his friend in a Magna bike cut the cable of your lock and steal your bike. I asked them is that your bike and yelled at them for stealing your bike. Unfortunately they road off with The black cannondale road bike with white lettering. I followed the guys down Euclid but they threatened me so I found a cop on Columbia Rd parked who headed in their direction. I am sorry you lost your bike, and wish could done more. Maybe the cops got them, you should check. Stolen 8/31/07 about 7:15am.

This comes a day after Jeff told me his bike was stolen and he never recorded the serial number — something the police needed to make an official report and I assume to track down the bike. I’m going to photograph my serial number right now store it in a secure location online.

[I witnessed your CANNONDALE ROAD BIKE get stolen this morning, photo by Sarah.]

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