In the News: Four Times the Trains in Barrington, IL and More Reasons to Dine at Chipotle

  • This story about train congestion in Chicago caught my ear since the town my paternal grandparents lived in may become overrun over by four times as many trains as it gets today.   A company called Canadian National wants to bypass the gridlock in downtown Chicago by using lesser used tracks outside of the city.  I’m sure I would be hearing about this from my grandparents if they were still living.  Since they are not you need to know about this.
    Plan To Unsnarl Chicago Rail Hits Snags In Suburbs
    [National Public Radio]
  • You know I love eating at Chipotle but I didn’t know that the restaurant purchased food from local growers when possible.  That makes the burrito bowls that much more delicious.
    Local Growers Help Companies Cut Costs [Marketplace]

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