Listen to Music Heard on iPod Ads

Music of the iPod Ads

I don’t own an iPod but I do love discovering new music. If you love music and have enjoyed some of the songs featured on iPod ads you’re going to appreciate my playlist of songs featured in iPod and iPhone commercials.

Apple’s iPod Commercials Music, a playlist on Yahoo Music Jukebox

You don’t need an iPod to enjoy these songs. You can listen to 30-second samples from the web site or if you are a subscriber to Yahoo Music Jukebox you can listen to the full versions in near CD quality.

Don’t worry, I’m not keeping track of every song on every ad — that’s what Wikipedia is for. What I did do was take the list of tracks and make them easy to listen to.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Music Heard on iPod Ads

  1. Nice! “Perfect Timing This Morning” it is. I didn’t notice that you were talking about iPhone but I see it now… and I guess it is the same story where Apple licensed their song.

    I’m listening to the song now and I keep thinking the iPhone commercial is playing…

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