My Sister Testifies to NPR

My sister visited me a few weeks ago and while in DC visited the studios of National Public Radio. As chance would have it she was lucky enough to record a testimonial about the public radio company. Listen for it on your local NPR station or just enjoy it here.

I am pleased to present my sister, Alyssa Wilder:

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5 thoughts on “My Sister Testifies to NPR

  1. I thought I heard Alyssa the other day on the RI NPR site, but alas it was a young woman from Providence. I am glad I got to hear Alyssa’s voice here! Thanks Evan! And keep updating your photos. I love looking at them.Emily

  2. Good ear, Emily! Keep listening for her…

    Your comment gave me the idea that I could publish some of our recorded family stories here. Alyssa’s audio comes across so well and I know I can do a similar thing with audio recordings we’ve made of past family gatherings. Stay tuned for that!

    Also I am updating the photos over at

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