Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

An interactive 360 degree photographic experience makes a huge difference when you’re trying to find a wedding location. I wish more venues had this kind of feature on web sites. Since they do not, I am happy to share with you this interactive 360+ degree image of the Lodge at Seneca Creek.

Update: this is not where we decided to have the wedding but it is one of many places we investigated.

Directions: Click and drag to move around the lodge. Use Ctrl or Shift to zoom out or in.

Note: The photo doesn’t show up unless you are looking at it live on this blog. Sorry, RSS feeds can’t handle the interactive movie.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Location Search: The Lodge at Seneca Creek (with interactive photo)

  1. Right, I made the pictures when we went there to investigate it as a possible wedding location. The software I used is what came with my digital camera: PhotoStitch. It would be even better had I used a tripod but it gets the job done to just do it manually.

  2. That’s a great looking location! And you’re right, the tour is very cool and gives you a good idea of what to expect. I found my venue through Gathering Guide so I didn’t get to see a 3d tour, but I did visit them in person and they were very happy to show me around.

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